Welcome to uniquelymilchimley

Welcome to the web site of Mil Chimley LRPS.

While we are all unique I like to think I view the world just a little differently.

You'll find a variety of images in my Gallery, some taken on trips at home and abroad, some of the landmark locations in my local area, and some created simply as my artistic interpretation of a subject.

Although I've been interested in photography for well over 30 years, my images took a new turn once I'd retired with the discovery that my "natural vision" isn't the wide vistas of the landscape, but in those things closer to me, and often just looking at specific details rather than the whole. I've also become more careful in selecting the images I take and am concentrating more on the quality than the quantity of my images.

The current trend in photographic circles is that images should portray an emotion, or evoke an emotion in the viewer, and this is more important than technical excellence. This has taken many photographers in the direction of images that are moody and/or highly manipulated.
That isn't my style. I do favour images that portray solitude, peacefulness and tranquillity, but surely happy and joyful are emotions too? The sombre and emotionally dark images aren't for me - there's already too much that's dark and sad in the world for me to want to put it into my photography.

There's quite a variety of subjects among the notelets I produce on recycled card and I will be adding to these regularly. Most of the images can also be produced as prints with or without a card mount according to your preference.

Please contact me if you'd like to know any more about my images and photographic services.

At present the part of the web site allowing you to order boxed sets of cards or prints is under construction but until it's live please use the "contact me" page to register your requirements and please don't forget to leave me a contact telephone number.