There's nothing more personal than a hand written note on a hand made card.
E-mail may be very convenient but it lacks the personal touch for that special message, such as "thank you for the weekend", or perhaps "missing you".

A hand written note is still very well thought of even in these very modern times, and written in a hand made card makes it extra special.

The notelets showcase the images shown in my Gallery.

They are A6 size and the card & envelope are made from 100% recycled materials. Single card envelopes are in a complimentary colour Envelopes for the boxed sets are colour matched to the cards.

The images are printed directly onto the white recycled card which has a smooth finish so gives a good representation of the image. The images are printed to leave a border and space for the caption.

Single notelets with envelope are individually wrapped in a polypropylene slip cover so will stay clean until you want to use it.

Also available are boxes of 6 or 10 notelets with the designs of your choice e.g. 6 different designs, 2 of each of 3 designs etc.

Each image has a caption to go with the image but it's not always a straight forward description of what or where. Sometimes my sense of humour has slipped out onto the card.
My Gallery shows the caption you'll find with each image.

Notelets are £2.25 each for singles
6 single or mixed designs ordered together for £12.00
Boxed set of 6 single or mixed cards for £12.50 (please e-mail to specify the cards of your choice)
Box of 10 single or mixed designs for £20.00 (please e-mail to specify the cards of your choice)

Postage will be charged at checkout time depending on order value.

I'm happy to offer a discount for a bulk orders of 50 or more items. Please contact me through the "contact me" page for a quotation.