Welcome to uniquelymilchimley

Welcome to the web site of Mil Chimley LRPS.

While we are all unique and view the world just a little differently from each other. However, if you "Google" my name I'm the first and only person that comes up as an exact match.

You'll find a variety of images in my Gallery, some taken on trips at home and abroad, some of the landmark locations in my local area, and some created simply as my artistic interpretation of a subject.

I started to think of myself as an "amateur photographer" when I purchased my first SLR camera in 1979. No digital, and not even auto-focus.
My photography was largely confined to placed we visited on holiday all the time I was working, until 2007 when we took slightly early retirement.
Ever since then I've been looking for that "what do I want to photograph" ad the answer eluded me for many years but I did discover I'm not a natural landscape photographer, and I can't sit still for long periods in order to get good images of wildlife, although I do love to watch wildlife and buy copious amounts of sunflower hearts to keep the birds fed.

During the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic I took very few photographs as I didn't go out anywhere for months. Also during that time my husband had a major health problem and after his month in hospital he needed a lot of looking after while he convalesced. It has only been in 2022 that I picked up a camera again and took images of what was easiest to hand i.e. in our garden. I soon found I really liked taking close-up and macro photographs of flowers and the addition of some creative lenses really got my mojo up and running again.

So, that's me up to date and looking forward to creating more images; it's my Happy Place.